Fourth, First and Fulham

Fourth, First & Fulham


Fourth, First & Fulham is an unusual title but is explained by its sub-title: The Golden Era of Carlisle United. Over a twelve-year period during the 1960s and 1970s the small Cumbrian club rose through the Football League, winning promotions and titles, performing heroic giant-killing acts, and taking part in its one and only European competition. This book tells that story. It is part conventional history, part commentary on the period, and part personal memoir, as told through the eyes of a small boy going to live football matches for the first time and experiencing some unusual goings-on in a strange adult world. Forty years on, his footballing heroes of the time, including players like John Gorman, George McVitie and Tot Winstanley have shared their recollections of the great adventures. Supporters and journalists from the period, as well as the current chairman Andrew Jenkins, who was a director at the time, have also contributed. It all gives the book an authenticity that will allow the reader to experience the mood in the dressing room, the rational in the boardroom, the excitement on the pitch, and the agony and ecstasy on the terraces. With anecdotes and humour throughout, the book will not only interest Carlisle United fans as they re-live the halcyon days, all football fans should find something that they can also relate to.

Publisher:                    DB Publishing
Published Date:          2012
Format:                        Paperback
Category:                     Sport and History
Illustrations:                B&W Photographs
ISBN :                            9781 7809 10321