The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong I



Cornelius Armstrong is a Detective Inspector in Edwardian Carlisle. In the first of these two adventures, he investigates the brutal murder of a young Italian immigrant on the corner of West Walls and Dean Tait's Lane in November 1903. In doing so he uncovers a far wider web of underworld crime.

In the second case, the reciting of ghost stories in front of a blazing fire at an innocent Christmas party inadvertently leads the detective into a trail of deceit and betrayal that dates back to the death of King Edward I on Burgh Marsh.


Publisher: MX Publishing

Publication date: 2 October 2017

Format: Paperback / Kindle / Audio book

ISBN: 1787052154


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Publisher: Irregular Special Press

Publication date: November 2011

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 1901091519